Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's Back Aching Time!

All day I have been slaving away in the kitchen cooking for tomorrows feast that we will have with Aunt P and Uncle R and of course my cousins!

Here is why my back is hurting:

I found this great recipe for a Iced Pumpkin Cookies and so I had to try them.

They turned out beautiful!

Baby Girl worked really hard on Thanksgiving decorations......

Thank goodness I found a way to put those pumpkins to use that we never did carve at Halloween.

I have my dinner rolls in the fridge slowing rising until tomorrow.

My Caramel Pumpkin Pecan Gingersnap Cheesecake is cooked and ready to chill over night.

All I have to do tomorrow is make my little sausages that my principal at school told me how to make...

Take little cocktail sausages and wrap a little bacon (about a fourth or less of a piece) and roll it in brown sugar and bake it....YUM

Then I have Jalapeno Poppers still to make tomorrow but I already cut the peppers and got rid of the really hot stuff inside of them.

I need to have Brat Baby make the potato casserole and then I have a veggie try to prepare.

I feel like a need a veggie to take so I may make some sweet potato's if Aunt P isn't already.

I feel like it should be about midnight but by the clock on the computer it apparently isn't even 8pm.........

I am really becoming a wimp!

I hope you all enjoy good food and good company and have the greatest Thanksgiving day every!



Oh and I got everything that we will need to make Tropical Sunrise to keep us going tomorrow while us women are slaving away in the kitchen:


Sheila said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! What time are the cocktails served? Something tells me I am going to need to tomorrow. ;)

Heather said...

Don't drink too much or you'll never get up in time to go shopping! (Says the woman who is up typing at midnight and plans on going ot her $8 pair of jeans at 5 AM...) I'll be the one in line crying and cussing!