Wednesday, November 12, 2008

God Bless The Veterans

Yesterday was Veterans day and each year at our school the fifth graders put on a veterans day program and our school invites any and all local veterans to attend.

Each year I cry during this ceremony and if I was not working at the time I would probably bawl like a baby.

The fifth graders tell how veterans day started and then they sing some very moving songs.

One of the things that they do is sing the song of each branch of military and invite the veterans that served in that branch to stand during their respected song.

Several years ago there was this elderly marine that stood and sang and cried to his song.

I lost it!

This year I thought the fifth graders did a more than usual good job, each student stood and sang their hearts out and each student seemed as though they understood the importance of the events that they were singing about.

I know almost everyone has someone that served in some branch of military and know the effects that a war can do to a persons soul.

My Papa Willie God rest his soul would have nightmares even thirty years after being out of the army. He served in WWII and in Korea and if I have my facts straight he was a 1st Sergent Major.

My Papa Williams I am thinking I was told that he served in either WWII or Korea, I will have to get my facts together.

And My Uncle R who had to have that crazy dinner with us the other night served in Vietnam.

I am so proud of all of them and I am ever so thankful that they helped keep the freedom that we are living in today.

Who is the special veteran that you love and remember?


SHeila said...

Andy was in the Marines, my cousin was in the Marines and was in Iraq for a year now he is in the Army reserves and is in Afganistan. Andy's best friend from High School was in the National Guard and served a year active duty in Afganistan. My FIL was in the Army during Vietnam along with Andy's Uncle (Navy)and my uncle (Army). The list goes on and on with my family. I just hope the trend ends with Andy and AJ doesn't decide that he needs to enlist. I will be a proud but VERY worried momma.

I too cried. They did a great job this year!

Heather said...

I can't even look at the veterans when they stand because that sends me over the edge. So, I just stare at the kids and quietly boo-hoo. At the mid-high, I was on "guard" to keep the kids respectful and that kept the tears at bay. OP is so much different... I just cry!! :)

Heather said...

OH- my dad was in the AF. My uncles were in the Army, Navy, AF. My other uncles were Army. I have a cousin who did almost the entire Viet Nam war in Viet Nam in the Army. I have a pic of me less than a year being held my him when he first left. My FIL was in the Army during Viet Nam (but he was in Germany), and my BIL was in the Army and then Army Guard.

OH - and my Italian mafia uncle was in the navy as a translator and his son was in the Navy (the group that rescued the Iran hostages in the 80s). He was interviewed on TV and TOTALLY embarrassed his mom!! :)