Friday, November 7, 2008

I Am Way Too Busy Today!

I told myself that I can not sit down and write something of any importance or length today!

I am co-hosting a party this evening with Picture Momma, I am working today, I have laundry that is staring at me, I must gather all the things for the party, I have three lunches to pack , breakfast to make (and the kids will be mad at me because we are out of bacon) , a cat box to clean, six cats and a dog to feed, I need to pack for our trip tomorrow (out of state soccer tournament), I need to find out how in the heck to even get to the soccer tournament ( Not The Baby is convinced that I will make her late for her first game tomorrow morning seeing as though she is sure that I will get us lost), Oh yes and Baby Boy has surprised me by showing up a day early for his weekend since he needs help with resume for a job he has always wanted.

Don't worry he is not quitting school, it is a part time job.

Ok, well enough looking for pity from my friends. I have too much to do to be sitting here on my tail!

Happy Flipin Friday!


Heather said...

What does Baby Boy think he might want to do when he grows up? (Edward Jones has a REALLY great PASS program I need to share with you...)

Picture Momma said...

And here I was starting to feel sorry for myself. Jeez, we're nuts! Just keep reminding yourself...."alcohol and good food, alcohol and good food."