Thursday, November 6, 2008

I See A Light In My Feline Darkened Tunnel

I have told you that I house and feed six cats right?

Or maybe I was ashed at how many actually live here. Now I did not search out these reproducing fools.

The first cat came to us ten years ago, just showed up at our door and me and my children not being able to turn down anyone or anything that is hungry fed her.

She is Blackie:

Now I could not find a picture of her but this is essentially what she looks like plus I happen to love this artist so I wanted to display her work.

Now Blackie's name soon changed for me and she had names like hooker, sleaze bucket, white trash (oh shoot that one really didn't fit since she was black) but you get the picture. Luckily all of her babies were wild and cared nothing for us!

Then a kind old neighbor took her to the vet one day and had her catting around days put to a stop!

Catting around....I crack myself up!

What it is not my fault that I am not that funny, I work with little kids all day and I could say fart and they would laugh, huh Heather?

Then one day as we are about to go outside the door to a soccer game we hear these little voices crying, it sounds like a baby, I was scared to even look at the door because if someone left a baby at my door step I think that I would be the one crying, shoot I can barely afford to feed the mouths we have here especially when Baby Boy is home!

But we look out anyway and see two tiny kittens in search of food, crap they are hungry and I cant say no to anyone or anything that is hungry.

Don't believe me just randomly show up for dinner I will feed you. Now if payday is to far off you may be eating free bread and chips. Since we tend to have an overabundance of those.

So we fed the kittens and went to our game, all the while I am hoping that when we return home they will have beat feet out of there.

No such luck, this is who we call Chester.....but really he is a she and apparently related to Blackie! You know she has her social skills.

And this one who we call Sky he really is a he! Look at her excitement about the fact that they never run away from home.

Well then lets see here, Oh yes Chester went out in search for cheese one day and came back with:

these two...Rollo and Peach. Yes I know different names but hey the kids named them.

Peach found a new home despite all the tears from Baby Girl. We put an ad out and thankfully got rid of her.

Rollo however was just to cute to give away and I decided that we could have one indoor cat. So this little one is not going to get outside at least not until she has a visit with a doctor.

But Hoochie Momma (aka Chester) was not done painting the town.

She recently came home with these:

We are not naming them!

And Papa has found a home for them together and their mother!

Oh it is a happy day when we are rid of three cats at once.

sniff sniff....Ok I will miss them but I am not going to admit that to the kids!

Happy Fewer Mouths To Feed Thursday!

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Heather said...

heeheehee - you said fart!

I'm glad he found a home for them... Now by "home" he doesn't mean "back, country road", does he?? ;)