Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I Am Proud Today!

Last night Not The Baby, Baby Girl and myself fell asleep with the lap top on the bed logged into which had four live streams showing all very important happening with the election.

I printed off the map of the USA and Baby Girl was penciling in each state that was won by each candidate and how many electoral votes each of those states had.

Then she was keeping a running total on the back.

Well Baby Girl did not last past 10 pm but the fact that she was so interested and was commenting on what states Obama really needed to win was more than amazing to me!

I mean it took me thirty plus years to get so involved and still I don't think that I am as involved as maybe I should be.

But what really hit me the most last night was when Baby Girl and I were watching a live speech by Martin Luther King Jr's son.

Momma: Baby Girl, do you know who is speaking?

Baby Girl: No Momma who?

Momma: That is Martin Luther King Jr's son.

Baby Girl: You mean the man with a dream that I have read about in books?

Momma: Yes Baby that man.

Baby Girl: Oh Momma!

And at that point she put her hands to her chest and sit down to listen with sadness for the loss of his father and joy for the opportunity to hear him speak.

When he was done she clapped and said to me:

Baby Girl: Clap Momma Clap

However you voted and whoever you wanted to be in office we all must be proud that our country has opened it eyes and it hearts and its minds to what they believe is right regardless of the color of the skin that those words are coming from.

I am thankful that I was able to see this new beginning and I more than thankful that my children are able to experience this history in the making.

Happy New Beginning Wednesday!

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Heather said...

Notice the sun in shining while it's raining -- OK, maybe I'm grasping at sappy straws here, but what a great day we have here!