Monday, December 1, 2008

One Down ....One To Go!

Well Thanksgiving went over quite well if I do say so myself.

We had a great time with Aunt P and Uncle R just like we always do and we ate way too much just like we always do.

Then when we are done eating we older girls go to Aunt P's bedroom and order a movie off of the satellite and I talked them into ordering a scary movie (The Strangers) just like we always do.

I should have apologized for asking for that sick and scary movie....I kept my eyes covered almost the entire movie.

Aunt P and Cousin T and I all went shopping bright and early Friday morning.

My alarm on the phone went off at 3:20am and I was out of the door before 4am and drove 25 minutes to Aunt P's house and then we got in her car for another 30 minute drive to our shopping destination.

I think that I am getting old because shopping with thousands of other people up your butt just doesn't seem all that fun anymore!

I really like just clicking with my mouse what is it that I wish to purchase.

Then I promised to take the kids to the BIG city mall on Saturday.......well that went just fine, we didn't buy anything we just looked around and we talked to Santa and Oh yes I met Billy Sims and took a picture with him. (Papa was oh so jealous that he wasn't there to see him but I guess that is what happens when you always choose to stay home!)

Oh and I peed my pants while I was at the mall and had to go and buy new pants!

See I have this cough that is a killer right now and well you know after giving birth to four kids there is not a lot of control in that area!

We saw the millions of lights at the Bible College and ate Chick- fil- a (my favorite place) and then well the Krispy Kreme light was screaming that it had HOT donuts so for some reason the car took control of itself and drove us right into that parking lot and forced us to buy a dozen!

Then last night Picture Momma and Miss S and myself made the most delicious homemade turkey pot pies you can sink your teeth into and we fed a party of 12 at my house all while listening to Christmas music (another one of my favorite things).

So I would have to rate this holiday a 8 on a scale of 10 (8 because the only thing that would make it better is if my sister could have been here to share it with me......then after about five minutes of togetherness we are ready to kill each other, but oh well).

I am choosing not to remember all the family arguments that we had with Baby Boy while he was here or the fact that Not The Baby got in trouble about five times for saying the word Freakin!

Or that Baby Girl broke our remote because someone would not get to her quickly enough to restart the dvr of a show she was watching or that Brat Baby FREAKED when she came home to four kids playing in her room or that Papa was RUDE at Thanksgiving dinner to can you guess who.......Momma.

No Not this Momma....I will not remember any of that, I am going to just remember all the good times we had together this holiday season.

Man I don't need medication with the ability to forget!

Now if I could just forget that I have to go back to work today!

Happy Post Holiday!

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Heather said...

Sounds like a great time!!! YUM - turkey pot pies. I'm the ONLY one in my fam who loves pot pies... they'd never go over at this casa!