Thursday, November 20, 2008

Those Moments When You Say .....Why?

Last night I was reading Ugly ( a classic Fairy tale retold by Donna Jo Napoli) to Baby Girl and Not The Baby.

Every time we would read a word that I thought she had no idea what the meaning of that word meant I would first ask her if she knew what it meant and if not I would explain it to her.

So we get to this sentence in the book: We swam along, heads erect, from one feeding area to another. (we are reading about ducks)

I say to Baby Girl "Do you know what that means when they say that their heads were erect?"

Baby Girl: No

Momma: That means that their heads are held upwards, straight up.
(I even tried to pretend that I was a duck and demonstrate what it might look like, don't ask me why I did that)

Baby Girl: Oh....OK

I then continue to read.......

Baby Girl: I am going to go to class tomorrow and ask the class if they know what erect means!

Oh crap I ask myself why I thought I needed to point out that word, the teacher is going to think that we are letting her watch porn or something of the sort, I mean my stars how many kids go around saying the word erect!

Momma: Oh that's ok Baby Girl I bet everyone knows what it means, I mean you better just let Mrs F. teach the class Baby.

Baby Girl: No I bet they don't know what it means

Momma: My gawd I hope they don't know what it means

Baby Girl: Why?

Momma: Oh nothing honey, don't worry about it , your fine, one day we will talk about the word celibate and then you can go tell the whole school.........but that is later....much later!

Maybe it is just me!

Maybe when you hear the word erect you think of a duck sticking his head high out of the water.....and if that is you, than I am sorry for bringing this up ........and if your kid comes home today knowing a new definition and chooses to say it in daily conversation and your kid happens to be a boy....then I am really sorry for explaining the meaning to Baby Girl......

Happy Standing Erect know it will prevent back problems later!

(and I wonder where Not The Baby gets her goofy nature from????)


Heather said...

Oh heavens... when I read the word erect to the 3rd graders, that's exactly what I thought!! Only I just skipped right over it. And I had ONE kiddo say, "What's erect mean?" I did my best to give them an educational answer: It's an Australian word that means straight up and down. So, just blame the Aussies -- we're not at war with them...yet!!

But, the noneducational part of me snickered and said, "erect ... heeheehee" in my best Beevis voice inside my head!

sheila said...

lol! you two crack me up! I must confess, I do giggle and blush at the word erect. (giggle, blush)