Monday, November 24, 2008

How Old Were You When It First Happened?

Now check all sick minds at the door because no this is not a sex talk.

What is that you say?

You were not thinking about sex............Oh sorry I guess I will be the only one checking in my sickness.

No, what I wanted to talk to you about is how old were you when someone, well actually someone of the opposite sex told you that they loved you.

No we can not count our third cousin who said it.

Oh stop it, I did not have a cousin in love with me, but hey it happens.

The reason I bring this topic up is that Baby Girl had a phone call this past Friday night.

While Picture Momma and I met some friends for dinner Friday night and our children were under the care of other family members something happened that enabled me to write this blog.

I cant remember if I have told you that all secrets and stories told to me by Baby Girl happens in the bathroom at our house.

When Baby Girl is in the bathroom getting ready for bed she can talk for hours...literally!

So the conversation went something like this:

Baby Girl: Ok Momma I have something that I want to tell you!

Momma: Oh Ok sweetheart what is it?

Baby Girl: Chuckle chuckle

Momma: This must be good!

Baby Girl: Well you see B.I.L. (Boy In Love) called me tonight while he was at Burger King with his Grandma.

Momma: On a cell phone?

Baby Girl: Yes

Momma: Did his Grandma know?

Baby Girl: I am sure she did... but why does that matter

Momma: Oh nothing, I just can believe he wanted to call while they were out to dinner.

Baby Girl: Yeah he was bored..

Momma: Well did you talk to your BFF also?

(Note that BFF is the sister of B.I.L.)

Baby Girl: No she was playing

Momma: Man he must really like you....

Baby Girl: chuckle chuckle

Momma: Well what did he talk about?

Baby Girl: He just wanted to make sure that we are still boyfriend and girlfriend.

Momma: I thought you were boyfriend and girlfriend with Baby Cheeks boy at school.

Baby Girl: Well we were but he wont talk enough to me so I told him we were done!

Momma: Well I would have to agree, a girl needs someone who will talk to her and more importantly actively listen to her.

Momma: wise choice Baby Girl

Whoooooo ........wait a minute who am I talking to, I am talking to my 8 year old daughter not to my 20 year old son or Brat Baby who is almost 17 and no boyfriend to speak of, or at least not that she is telling us about.

Baby Girl: I hear ya Momma, I need a boyfriend who will talk to me!

Momma: So is that all that B.I.L. wanted to say?

Baby Girl: chuckle chuckle

Momma: what?

Baby Girl: He wanted to tell me that he LOVES ME!

Momma: What?

Baby Girl: Yes that he loves me and Momma I had no idea of what to say to him.......I just wanted to get off the phone fast....I mean was I suppose to tell him I love him too?

I just freaked out and said I have to go NOW!

Momma:Oh my gosh Baby Girl.........Wait till Picture Momma finds out!

(Note Picture Momma and B.I.L. are related, as in that is her Baby Boy)

I wish I could remember how old I was when someone told me that they loved me for the first time.

I can tell you that I think that Baby Girl has beat me!

I think that I may need to invest in locks and ball bats........No I could never use a ball bat on B.I.L. since we all love him in our house but I am talking about all those other little puppies that will be coming around!

I really thought that I had paid for my raising with the other three previous little bambinos but apparently someone as other payback plans for me or at least that it what it seems like.

Happy Sweet Nothings Monday!


Heather said...

I was in Kindergarten (but didn't get married until I was 27 if that's any consulation...)!

Heidi said...

Kindergarten for me - I was on the front seat of bus 21 and the neighbor boy kissed my cheek and told me he loved me. I sat still as death until I got home - then I cried!!! LOL My mom laughed her sides off!!!