Friday, August 15, 2008

Text Me!............Not!

Well Baby Boy now has access to a cell phone that he can text on and we are now frequently receiving text messages from him.

Ones like this that reads:

I love you, I miss you.

Wish I was home.

I wish I had not gone so far from home.

And on and on and on.

If this was the first time that Baby Boy had done this I might feel a little sympathetic.

But if you will remember he left home early this summer for a better life in another state with friends.

Not long after him leaving I was getting messages like the ones above.

Then Papa rescues him and goes and picks him up and bring him home.

So rather than approach Baby Boy like I typically do with all of my kids, which is straight forward.

No bull crap.

Just the honest truth!

I have decided that I am going to try to sweeten things up a little before laying it on him.

So I am trying to come up with as many words of wisdom that I can to text him back on a daily basis.

One of my favorites comes for a kids movie:

"Life is an occasion.....So rise to it!"

Anyone know what movie that came from?

I have tried telling him that there are going to be many bumps in his road and many people in his life that are going to try to stop him from doing the things that he wants to do but he has to stand strong and never let them win in this battle of life.

I want him to be strong and not give up so easily when things get a little difficult.

So do you have a favorite quote about being strong that maybe I can pass along to Baby Boy that might help him feel like he can survive the fight?


Heather said...

All I can think of right now is SUCK IT UP! (Just kidding...) I'll think harder later in the day! :)

pnny said...

Love the 1st day of school pics!
For Anthony: (1) Actions speak louder then words (you want to be top dog in soccer - then "show" how good you are. (2) Sounds like you are a little fish in a big pond -- work and prove to them that you are a big fish.

I can't keep my mouth shut any longer! said...

Yeah, I'm kinda agreeing with Heather. To put a nice spin on it, I'd let him pick the color of straw he sucks it up with though. I'm a softie like that.

Heather said...

I thought of some...
-Life is what you make it.
-You can pick your nose and your attitude.
-You are the captain of your destiny.
-To change anything, change your attitude.