Monday, August 18, 2008

The Highway Tale Of Sorrow And Stress

Saturday late afternoon we are headed home from Not The Babies soccer tournament that was an hour from our home town.

We are driving down a highway that we have drivin down thousands of times with little to no traffic jams before.

When all of a sudden we hit a jam.

Please take note that Papa is driving.

Papa: My what is going on here?

I was half asleep since our day started out very early and sitting in the sun watching soccer is just, well its exhausting!

Yes, I know I am lazy!

I sit up to see what is going on.

Momma: Well I am not sure what it is, can you see a wreck up ahead?

Papa: No

Not The Baby: Wow that's a lot of cars!

Baby Girl: Yeah!

Momma: Wait a minute!

Momma: Look the cars on the other side of the road are pulling over.

Momma: We are driving along side a funeral precession.

Papa: Those people don't look like they are part of a funeral, that is just some of those cars that them lights come on even during the day.

Momma: No Papa I think we are driving beside the funeral line!

In the mean time Baby Girl has scooted over to the window and has her face plastered to the glass looking to see if each person we pass by is dressed for a funeral.

Baby Girl: Yep, they are dressed for a funeral Papa.

Another car goes by.

Baby Girl: Nope, they don't look good enough for a funeral.

Baby Girl: Oh wait a minute, I guess that could be funeral clothes.

Not The Baby: wait a minute let me look.

Papa: Oh I don't know Baby Girl, they look pretty normal.


Momma: Papa PULL OVER

Papa: Where the heck am I going to pull over at?

Momma: I don't know but this goes against everything I stand for, give these poor people respect would ya.

Baby Girl: Yep they look like they just been to a dead person party.

Momma: Baby Girl, stop loooo.......Yes Papa they look like they are mourning, would ya pull over.

Papa: But where?

Momma: Just pull over anywhere, I don't care just get me out of this line and get me out now!


sheila said...

a dead person party. lol that is too funny. that is a new one for me. I do have to say with those new fangled head lights, it is hard to tell.

Heather said...

I always hated funerals where we traveled to another town for the burial. It seemed like EVERYONE would be out traveling on that day!

I can't keep my mouth shut any longer! said...

This is why I want to be transported not in a hearse but in an ice cream truck. Way more festive. I still haven't narrowed down what song I want playing on the loudspeaker though. Maybe the macarena?