Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I Will Survive!

Well the first day of school has come and gone!

Remember how I told you that Not The Baby requires so much sleep and is really hard to wake up?

Well I warned all the girls especially Not The Baby that breakfast would be on the table at 7:30 every morning!

And the older girls who are bad about trying to run out the door without eating would be required to be dressed and ready to walk out the door with the exception of brushing their teeth before they sit down for breakfast.

Can you believe that everyone was at the table by 7:15 am!!!!

Yeah kids.

Guess who was the one running late?

You guessed it right!

Me the Momma!

I tried to do way too much before leaving:

empty the dishwasher

fold two baskets of clothes

make Baby Girls lunch

Feed the animals

wash a few pot and pans that could not go in the dishwasher

start a load of clothes

boil the chicken for that nights dinner

write my blog

wash my hair

make my bed

try to check a few of my favorite web sites

Seems like I am forgetting something.

Why do we as Mommas feel like we have to do it all??

Could it be because I know that if I do not do it then it will not get done!!

Needless to say I made it to work right on time.

Thank goodness work is only a couple of blocks from my house.

Heck I would even ride my bike to work if some JERK didn't steal it.

Hold on please...




OK, it was probably one of the same jerks who busted out the windows in our school.

I am feeling really random today, with my blogging that is.

Anyway, the first day went well, we only have a couple of stinkers in class and hey I don't think it isn't anything that I cant handle.

I mean I already got a hug from one little girl in the class and when I got back from my lunch break she told me that she missed me..


I know isn't it sweet!

That is why I do what I do for such little pay.

And the fact that this job gives me time to be with my babies more.

All went well for all the girls on their first day of school.

While I was sitting in here writing the blog I could hear the older girls making fun of some of their teachers.

You think any of our little ones goes home and makes fun of me?

Oh my that would break my heart.

I could never teach high school or middle high.

I would be heart broken.

So all in all my day went really well.

That is until I walked into the house and Papa says:

Hey Momma come here I want to talk to you!


No way.

If you want to talk to me it must be bad because Lord knows you are not the talking kind of man and the only time you want to talk to me is when something is wrong.

He laughs.

Then he says, do you want the bad news or the really bad news.

Neither damn it!




Baby Boy called and they took him to the hospital by ambulance for heat exhaustion!

On the ambulance?

Do you know how much an ambulance cost?!

Is he OK?

Papa: Yes he is fine, all he did was complain on the phone.

Momma: He should have been working out this summer!

Well I would call him but he ran his cell phone bill up so high that I cant afford to pay it even though all summer I said to him:

Momma: Baby Boy, how much do you owe on your cell phone bill?

Baby Boy: Oh I don't know?

Momma: well you better figure it out and if they owe you a credit like you say they do then you better get it taken care of!

Well lets just say that he didn't do that either!

Then he calls home tonight from some girls phone and I right away say:

Momma: So what happened?

Baby Boy: Well they said that I had a panic attack.

Momma: That's not an illness that's a mental thing!

Momma: Please tell me that you went to the hospital on campus that is free.

Baby Boy: No they took me to the hospital in town.

OK that was the turning of the knife.

Lets just say sometimes I should really keep my thoughts to myself.

But do you think I could

Hell no.

Well you are the one that wanted to go half a world away from home and now look at you, you are having panic attacks!

This next part I said in my head:

I mean my holly crap if I have not had a panic attack by now with trying to raise you, Brat Baby and your father then for goodness sakes you shouldn't.

Then oh my stars it hit me, that little lovely Baby Boy is having a panic attack because he doesn't have a cell phone right now.

That child acts like he will die without his cell phone, so bad that if I was hanging off a cliff about to drop to my death into rocky icy waters and Baby Boy could only either hold my hand to bring me to safety or hold his cell phone so that it would not drop then guess who's plummeting?

Well it's not the cotton pickin cell phone that's dying!

Well unfortunately Baby Boy did not have time to stay on the phone with me.

Imagine that.

Now I will go to bed upset that I was upset because he was upset.

If anyone ever tells you that parenting gets easier the older your kids get then turn away from that lying little sucker.

Either that or get some advice on how they are doing it.

Oh I know those are probably the parents who don't talk to their children after the age of 18.

Well today is a new day and the sun is still rising from the east.

At least I hope it is, I think I will go and check!

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Heather said...

Oh. My. Gosh. He's doing a lot of growing up half a world away, isn't he? BUT, you did a great job and things will work out. Maybe he flirted with the cute, young doctor in the ER and she'll comp his bill. It could halppen!! ;)