Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I Think I Am The One Having The Panic Attack, Either That Or I am Really Stressed!

Oh Wait they mean the same thing!

Ok well sorry for really not much of a blog this morning, you see my night last night was so crazy that I was unable to bring myself out of bed that is until my little sister called the house and woke me up!

Thank Goodness!

Last night started out with Papa telling me about is conversation with Baby Boy and all of his complaints.

Then I had a conversation with Baby Boy myself and we were somehow disconnected???

Then I had two other conversation's with Baby Boy, the first one sound reasonable then the second time I spoke to him he was ready to transfer schools right then, screw waiting until semester was over.

Then I came home and had Not The Baby climb our pear tree so that she could shake a few limbs so that Baby Girl and I could catch the pears in our rescue sheet that we had.

Oh then I got hit in the head with a pear, OUCH!

Then hit in the arm, FREAKIN OUCH!

Ok that was enough stupid pears.

After the abuse by the pears I went inside so that I could have a screaming conversation with Brat Baby about her algebra class and disrespect that she tends to show her parents.

So all in all it was on hell of a night.

So waking up late, having a conversation with my mother about Baby Boy has already got me stressed!

Does anyone know the number to the ambulance service here in town?


Heather said...

The number you need is 1-800-A M A R E T T O S O U R

Let me know if you need any of my assistance in that area! :)

pnny said...

If Heather isn't available, how about Margaritaville! I hope you have a better day today. Love ya!

I can't keep my mouth shut any longer! said...

Sorry girl. I'd help but you and I finished off my Cuervo a couple nights ago. ;)