Friday, August 29, 2008

Anyone Know A Cheap Therapist?

Now I know what you are thinking.

The therapist must be for the Momma.

Well guess what........

Not for me.

Not for Papa

Not for Brat Baby (though that is still in question, please don't hate me Brat Baby, I really do love you)

But for my one and only Not The Baby.

Last night as we were laying in bed.

Remember she has to sleep with her Momma due to her new fear of her room since Brat Baby moved out.

Like I was saying,
Last night we were laying in bed and giggling and all of a sudden Not The Baby heard a noise.

Not The Baby screamed.

Momma and Baby Girl start laughing.

Baby Girl says: BOOOOO

Not The Baby screams louder

Momma is about to pee her pants, due to a bladder that is not longer any good since I had so many of these babies.

Then Not The Baby tells me:

Not The Baby: Momma, I think I may need counseling.

Momma: What???

Not The Baby: To get over all my fears, you know how am I going to live by myself when I get older if I am scared of everything.

Momma: Are you serious?

Not The Baby: Yes, I have been thinking about it.

Momma: Really??

Well honey really I am not so sure that you need counseling are you?



Momma: Ok maybe I will think about it, in the meantime hand me devil dogs muzzle to put on Baby Girl.

Soon to come the story of Not The Babies encounter with the bush and the weird neighbor.


pnny said...

You mean we may not get any sleep Sat. night if Not The Baby hears a strange noise? ....and every noise will be strange there..... Just Kidding (I think)....Be strong Not The Baby..we will protect you! Have A Happy Friday!

Heather said...

We'll get a group discount with her and Hadley ... maybe that will be a bit cheaper!!