Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Good Morning you dedicated readers of my Sis's blog........
that's right, this is CHEF SILVER FOX, little Sis to "Momma", and I am writing today's blog!

Today, August 21, 2008, is a special day...........

37 years ago my Momma gave birth to the one you know as "Momma" I was laying in bed this past weekend I started to think......

"Hey, my Sis's birthday is coming up.......Hummmmm.....what did she do for my birthday.............

Oh Yeah!..she wrote a blog about me!"

And in that very moment the following started to pour from my brain cells, so fast that I had to get out of bed to find a pen and pencil.....this is too good not to write down, I thought.

Without further ado..........I give you......

An Ode to My Sis
I only have one Sis,
I call her Chris,
Mother had her first...What an ill tempered child,
4 years later there was happy and mild,
Enough about me, back to my Sis,
Her early cute years were something of a miss,
The '70's for her were more like..homely and plain,
I think we have Mom to blame,
Oh..but the '80's made her "Like Totally" a Valley Girl,
And she never left the house without her White Rain and Cover Girl,
Back then no one knew she had freckles,
her Cover Girl was so thick you couldn't see a speckle,
The big hair bands of the day had nothing on my Sis,
Her ID may have read 5'2" but with her hair she was 5'6",
I once caught her talking to herslef in the looking glass,
Actually, she was talking to Jon Bon Jovi about how he loved her ass,
Yes, her room had no sanctity...her door was no border,
I crossed it often to make dissarray of her order,
In those days our "closeness" was on and off, depending on the fight,
She could push me beyond my breaking point, and I would give her all my might,
I could not match her sharp tongue and wit,
But I bet my pencil stabbing her hurt a bit,
She still bears the lead in her hand to this day,
But she gets no sympathy from the one she always told.....
"When Mom had you, she wanted to give you away"
I can remember when my Sis first got married, dinner was from a can..
Now only the freshest ingredients can be found in her pan,
She is into earth friendly, homegrown and the Martha sceen,
But Lord forbid if your Saturday drive gets in the way of this Garage Sale Queen
Don't mess with her before she's had her coffee,
Cause she will break you like a cold piece of toffee,
She used to be shy and timid around people she didn't know,
But talk smack about her kid and watch her blow,
She takes great photo's of my neices and nephew, although I only have a few,
Her path is paved with good intentions of things to do,
Growing up our relationship had more lows than high,
But these days we are like 2 birds in the sky,
Now...we may not see eye to eye from now and then,
But we know our boundries and that will keep us friends to the end,
When we have turned old and gray,
And are husbands are gone and the kids moved away,
I still know my Sis will turn to me and say.........
"Mom really did want to give you away"
Happy 37th Birthday Sis!
I love you, even though you did scare me mentally!
Chief Silver Fox


Sheila said...

Happy Birthday!! Maybe someone will make YOU dinner tonight!

Trauma Karl said...

Happy Bithday to you whoo whoo, hope you have a good one!!!

pnny said...

Wow Mary -- I didn't know you were so talented in poem writing! You did good. I was hoping for some old pictures though! Have a great birthday Momma! Hope you have a great day! Love you!

pnny said...

Oops I meant Chief Silver Fox (not Mary).

Take a Deep Breath said...

Thank You Chief Silver Fox.
Please take note that I am offically making this August 21, 2008 the day of truth.

Rather than waiting until we are old and gray I will let you know now that Mom did not and could not ever give you away.

I wouldnt want to be all alone either so I vow to never be gone with you!

Thanks for my Ode.

Heather said...

Happy, Happy Day!!

tmmywill said...

Happy Birthday Cuz! Hope you had a good one. We sure had fun last night with those tropical sunrises. You rock.

Anonymous said...

Take a Deep Breath, my #1 baby girl.
I should say sorry for the news I had to deliver.

"Kisses, even to the air, are beautiful."
- Drew Barrymore

Love ya!