Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Baby Girl Why Are You Walking So Funny!

Here is a short little tid bit for your Tuesday Morning:

Last night I was sitting at the kitchen table trying to just take a deep breath and talk to my sister for a moment.

I had just spent the last two hours frantically trying to get dinner done all the laundry done and plans for the girls lunch tomorrow.

Not to mention I had already made FOUR trips to pick up and drop off Not The Baby at her two sporting events.

When all of a sudden Baby Girl walks into the kitchen with this funny look on her face.

Momma: What?

Baby Girl: What?

Momma: What's up Baby Girl?

Baby Girl: Oh nothing much, I just thought I would wear a pad like everyone else is wearing right now.

Momma: WHAT!

Baby Girl: Yeah and it feels kind of weird..Wanna See?

Momma: Oh no that really...

And before I could finish my sentence she had her pants down showing me that she too was part of the rag club that is going on around here.

I talked her into going back to the bathroom and removing the pad reassuring her that her day will come soon enough and she will NOT be happy when it does.

Oh the things she can get into when she is grounded from the TV.

I hope your Tuesday is pad free!

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Heather said...

That's a HOOT!!! Hadley used to get yeast infections and would have to wear a liner. She finally concluded - in her four year old voice - that they were "very gigusting" ... and I agree!!