Monday, January 26, 2009

There Is A Chance.....

There is a chance that tomorrow I may not get out of my pajamas before noon.

There is a chance that I may get to drink coffee all day long tomorrow.

There is a chance that I can lay in my bed tomorrow and watch Martha and Barefoot Contessa and dream of reproducing the wonderful concoctions that they are so good at.

There is a chance that I could bake some bread tomorrow, maybe even something new and maybe with a friend.

There is a chance that I could get to witness sibling rivalry all day tomorrow.

There is a chance that Papa will be griping and I will be happy tomorrow.

There is a chance that this poverty level workin Momma might not have school tomorrow.

Because old man winter is suppose to blow in something that scares the bus drivers and Mommas alike.

Hey I like chances and I LOVE Snow Days.............


Heather said...

i'm hankering for just ONE day -- JUST ONE... because after that, they cost us! :)

pnny said...

Thought about you maybe getting a day off tomorrow due to the predicted weather. Yesterday I thought about the dreamy worlds best lasagne you made and the icing on that chocolate cake! Yum Yum!! We had a great time!

Picture Momma said...

I hope you do get a day! But, my kids are coming to your house! I want to make bread!!! Come over if you get time off for good behavior.

pnny said...

Got your wish girl -- no school in B'ville Tuesday! Enjoy!