Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Darn The Luck

Well chance won and we were out of school today and guess what we are out of school tomorrow also.....Sorry Karl that you have to work and get out in this.

I promise to stop doing the indian snow dance so that the drive to work will be better.

Not to mention Picture Momma is probably pulling her hair out with the kids stuck inside for days.

We have mixed feelings at our house about the weather canceling every thing.

Baby Boy actually like college and wants to go back to be around his peers and not get so far behind that they load him up on major assignments just to make up for all the snow days.

Brat Baby is ready to go back and get the hell out of dodge. Those were almost her exact words. (It has been an exciting day with that baby)

Not The Baby is really enjoying being off, that way she can try out different hair styles and see if she can come up with a new way to knock the socks off those little middle school boys. (The boys are about to drive me crazy)

Baby Girl loves, loves, loves to be out of school, that way she does not have to take off her pajamas ever and she never has to brush her hair.....Oh wait she does not do that any way. Well she does not have to argue with me about brushing her hair.

Me well Martha and I spent an hour together today and I watched that skinny little Italian girl and she made me want to cook some mini cheesecakes. I did dishes and laundry and Oh I cheated and taught Baby Girl how to cheat at UNO.

My Grandmother is probably rolling over in her grave over that one. She hated playing with sorry losers. I just didn't want Baby Boy to win again.

What will tomorrow bring??

Cheesecake, painting, bread making and stress over the fact that I will have to go back to work the next day!

Oh well I will just enjoy the time I have at home and dream of summer vacation and time with my friends.


Water slides

Zoo trips

Garden growing

And most heavenly of all



Trauma Karl said...

Thanks for thinking of me! I really enjoy the crazy drives to works because it lets me know how safe my job is. I am glad that you get some fun time, even though we need more in home things for the winter at my house. I can't wait for the cookouts but I would rather take shoveling snow to cutting grass!!!!

Picture Momma said...

Well, I'm glad you are having fun! :)
Acyually, the kids haven't been that bad, I'm just getting cabin fever. Driving my own self crazy. I want summer now!!!

I have to LOL at Karl though. He's acting like he cuts the grass!!! HAHAHAHAHA

Heather said...

Said with a scratchy throat: I cannot WAIT until Summer!!! BRING IT ON!

pnny said...

I can't wait for zoo trips, waterslides and garage sales! Come on spring and summer!