Friday, January 2, 2009

Do You Ever Guess?

Do you ever sit around and guess what your kids may grow up and be?

Or if your children are grown do you ever wonder if they went down a different road in life's highway that they would be driving a much different path?

Baby Boy is one of those kids that had pretty much lucked into EVERYTHING!

I also think he is one of those kids that is so used to it that he doesn't see the opportunity's that he is given when they are right in front of his face.

Man I hope he grows out of that one. (and many other things but I will not go into him because I don't want to get that angry on the 2nd day of 2009)

Baby Boy can also be very righteous and very loving, totally a first child!

Brat Baby.....well I see her being an artist or someone in charge of herself and what see does on a daily basis. She will have this studio selling her work and some lady with something up her butt will walk in critiquing her work in a way she does not like and Brat Baby will tell her "Don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya!"

(Ok secretly I think we would all like that power!)

At the same time she is my most giving child in the house!

Not The Baby......this one can be confusing. She is the most lovable girl in the world! Everyone loves Not The Baby. (except for lately she has been developing an attitude.....I know she is a teenager, but I really thought she would not change)
She has a real love for animals and Oh yes she thinks that business men in their little Honda's are cute! (Yes she actually said that) She could go two ways that I see.......

Life Path #1 Not The Baby could marry the man of her dreams and never have to lift a finger...EVER

Life Path #2 Not The Baby could change the world, if she has a passion and a love she has a way of making you fall for whatever she is saying. There is just something about her that makes you want to follow and love this child. There really is something different about her.

I pray she will take Path #2 first and then go back and visit path #1

Baby Girl........Oh where do I even begin!

First off she currently loves boys way too much and guess what, they love her way too much also. She had this power about her to draw people to her.

She also dreams of putting on plays of playing the star!

Like in school when you are in third grade or above you can participate in the school talent show.
Well she has had plans for what she will perform for the last two years and she still has one more year before she can even participate.

She know Mamma Mia almost word for word and I am not talking only about the music in the musical but all of the speaking parts as well.

Next month is the Children's Musical Theater play of the Princess and the Pea and she is already practicing on next months tryouts!

She has always loved to perform, when she was two she put on a show for some friends at a soccer game that her older sister was playing in and right away our friend M was saying "she is going to be a performer."

She is very good at acting when she wants to, she has told me some BIG stories, where she had me going there for a while and then I finally figured out that she was full of it!

So where will she go, only time will tell, but man would I love to see her in lights on Broadway!

The funny is that I not only dream of what my children are going to do but man I have so many things that I myself would like to try when I grow up!

Never stop dreaming and always try something new for life isn't over until its over.


Heather said...

Brian and I were just talking about what our kids will do when they grow up!! Hadley's so changing, we have no idea. Briley will be in the CIA and no one will have any clue!

sheila said...

I often wonder what my kids will be. AJ...maybe an arcitect so he can take care of his momma. What ever it is I just hope they stick around close and have lots of grandbabies for me to love.