Friday, January 2, 2009

Here Is A Short Friday Funny!

For the last week and a half I have watched Baby Girl sitting around the house enjoying the fact that she does not have to dress for school.

So her pajamas that are four sizes too small have not left her cute little toosh for any long periods of time.

Her hair if not soon brushed will become dreadlocks.

And if the candy canes in this house do not disappear soon then she and our dentist will be on a first name basis relationship.

So I had had it!

I was tired of seeing her sitting on her rump watching tv and eating!

Momma: That is it!

Momma: Turn off the TV and go find something to play with now!

Baby Girl: WAHHHH

Momma: Oh stop it!

Baby Girl: Well what should I play with......

Momma: Oh I don't know what about the hundreds of dollars worth of horses that you have been collecting for years.

Baby Girl: OK OK OK

So guess what?

She has been playing with her toys for two whole days now!!!


Ok so here is where the funny comes in.

Baby Girl comes up to me a minute ago and says:

Baby Girl: Hey Momma I am playing with my Barbies and I just wanted to let you know that I don't have any boy barbies.

Momma: Oh ok

Baby Girl: Well I just did not want you to freak out!

Momma: Why would I freak out?

Baby Girl: Well because I am pretending that one of the girls is the husband.

Momma: Oh imagination is a great thing Baby Girl......

But guess what the damn tv is not........Baby Girl was afraid that I would think that she is pretending that she is having a lesbian relationship going on with her Barbies!!!!

Well of course she did not say Lesbian or gay, but she didn't have to.

Ok not to offend anyone, if you are gay then more power to you, I am not one to judge love.

Just, well.....

I think I will end it at that!

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Heather said...

That's funny!! She should come over to our house - our Barbies are nudists AND lesbians!! (not really, but to the untrained non-momma eye, it would appear that way!)