Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Comic Relief Tour 2008

We went out to eat at a pizza buffet at the local pizza mill and for some reason Papa sat down at this little table that was not big enough for the five of us so the two older girls had to sit at the table next to us!

Ahh the little things that will drive you crazy!

My older babies were doing a lot of talking and laughing that I could not hear what they were saying and that really bugs me!

But I was stuck in the booth with Papa as the big rock in my road.

I would take a bite of salad and hear giggle giggle giggle

Momma: What are you two laughing about?

Babies: Nothing!

Giggle giggle giggle

Momma: You are laughing about something and you better not be talking about me!


Then I look over and the girls are sitting at this table right next to a wall, on the other side of the wall is more tables but they are much higher than the ones that the Babies are sitting at. Like these peoples bottoms are where the Babies heads are.

The man on the other side of the table has laid his arm over the top where it is within reach of Not The Baby.

I keep eating my salad and hear giggling that is getting so loud that I turn to tell them to quiet down and what do my eyes see??

Not The Baby is slowly reaching her fork up the unsuspecting pizza consuming mans arm that is on the other side of the wall!!


Not The Baby is in some teenage ignorance , going to have some fun anyway trance.

Momma: I swear Not The Baby if you touch that man with your fork I will , I will, I will take your phone away and answer all your text messages myself as I am impersonating you!

Not The Baby did not respond the trance is too deep.....Brat Baby is busting a gut

Not The Baby has an evil smile on her face and just as she is about to touch the poor mans arm with her fork.......

He moves it!

Thank Heavens

Papa is crying he is laughing so hard, Brat Baby has mascara running down her face from her tears of laughter, Baby Girl is just worried that the boy five tables away might have seen that since he goes to her school and I think she thinks he is cute.

Not The Baby walks away like she has just put on a successful performance.

I on the other hand walked away with sorrow for myself.

Sorrow knowing that one day I will not be there to stop Not The Baby from doing those things that will get her kicked out of restaurant and shopping mega stores and malls of all types and sizes.

Oh you don't think she will get kicked out of restaurants?

Well the record so far is not good.

I recall two separate occasions when Baby Boy was a attitude sporting teen and we went to pull into a restaurant only to be told by him that he was not allowed into that particular establishment!

I just want to know what I have done in my life to deserve this torture....

Would I trade one second of it?

Hell No!

Happy Wednesday and please if you see Not The Baby near forks, please promise me that you will not dangle your extremities near her fork, I can not promise that I will be there to save you!


Heather said...

Seriously, she's a mini-me! I flashed back 22 years to being a sophomore in Mazzios and putting salad ingredients on a poor woman's elbow... ~sigh~ Good times!

Picture Momma said...

I love that girl! Of course I wasn't on the other end of the fork. ;)