Sunday, March 29, 2009

Wow It Has Been A Long Time!

Oh my gosh I have so many things to write about and no idea of where to start.

One great things is when I woke this morning to yelping I saw something that I have not seen in a few days.

The beautiful sun.

All round and gleaming.

Full of spring time beaming.

Yesterdays snow fall felt so weird. I am usually happy about snow fall because then it would mean a possible day home with the kids off from school but heck this is spring and no chance of that happening.

All soccer games had to be cancelled and that was a bummer because I am actually ready to get my soccer tan (aka farmers tan).

So instead we did some laundry!

Boy was that a blast.

Then I made chocolate covered strawberries and we ate them in 15 minutes.

Then I made the most delicious roasted chicken and ate that in 5 minutes.

And since were still hungry for chocolate I made some no bake cookies and Devil Dog ate those in 10 minutes......all of them!

Even though my instructions to Not The Baby were before I walked out the door to take Baby Girl to Picture Mommas house for a play date was as follows:

Momma: Not The Baby, you will have to watch these cookies because if you don't Rex will get them!

Not The Baby: Well push them to the center of the table!

Momma: Not The Baby, Rex can get to any part of this table that he wants plus all of the kitchen counter tops, Honey he is a big boy!

Not The Baby: Ok Momma.

Momma: Ok Not The Baby

So off Baby Girl and I go to her bff's house leaving behind the three other Babies, Papa, Our extended family member Girl Next Door, and Brat Babies boyfriend.....hummmm lets call him.....
Keep Your Hands To Yourself Boy Or Momma Will Kick Your Ass And You Will Wish You Never Met Brat Baby!

Ok, so what I don't trust teenagers and especially the ones that stand to pee.

Remember I have one of them.

Anyway my gosh I am getting lost on that......which reminds me of a story that I will share with you on another date.

Anyway as I was drinking coffee at Picture Mommas house and complaining about Papa my cell phone rings.

Momma: Hello?

Not The Baby: Momma?

Momma: Yes honey?

Not The Baby: Momma Rex got a cookie.

Momma: really?

Not The Baby: Yes!

Momma: Well were you not watching him honey?

Not The Baby: Well I was and then he went to lay down and pretended that he was sleeping.

Momma: Ahh the old sleeping trick huh!

Not The Baby: Yes that one Momma.

Momma: Well how bad is it?

Not The Baby: Well Momma he ate every cookie....

Momma: WHAT!

Not The Baby: Every Cookie Momma

Momma: Oh Not The Baby, you have to watch that fart!

Not The Baby: I know I am sorry Momma.

Momma: That's ok

Not The Baby: Can we make some more cookies when you get home?

Momma: No that dang devil ate the last of our oatmeal!

And here I thought he was being such a good boy lately.

Never trust a wolf in sheep's wool!

Also never trust a Papa to do a Momma's job!!!!!!!

I may have to make a trip into town so that I can get Not The Baby some more oatmeal so that the two legged animals in this house can have a cookie today.

Happy Sun Shining Day!

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