Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What Begins With The Letter P?

Well let me tell you what begins with the letter P.

Over spring break (ah just the sound of those two words brings me a wonderful feeling going down my spine) I took the girls to the big O town where we went off in search of Brat Baby a Prom dress.

There is the first P word.

Prom Dress.

Pictures will come later.

We went to the worlds largest JC Penneys while we were there and WOW was that something.

I don't usually get excited about clothing stores because I am so stinkin frugal that I don't like to pay department store prices when Sally down the street will do it for me and then I can buy it for fifty cents at her garage sale next season. But let me tell you the clothes were unbelievable!

Brat Baby tried on three dress.

The first one was the one she feel in love with and the girls and I were like.......

Girls: well it is different......maybe a little too different.

Baby Girl: You look like a mermaid

So then Brat Baby tried on a different dress.

She loved it even more.

Girls: You look a little to official!

Baby Girl: You look like Belle from Beauty and the Beast!

Finally Brat Baby tried on dress number 3.

I was in another dressing room trying on some fly jeans that I knew I must own. (Yes I just said fly.....I like that groovy word)

When I hear:

Not The Baby: Oh yes, you will buy that one!

Baby Girl: Uhh Huhh that is it, we are done!

So I think to myself, what are those girls talking about, I mean really how great could it be, it is another dress, all big and shinny like the other ones.

So I opened my dressing room door looking good in those jeans I had on and here is what I saw:

I saw my Brat Baby not looking like a brat!

I saw my Brat Baby looking as beautiful as her third Easter in a homemade dress with all her little curls all over her cute little toe head and her little gap between her two front teeth..................and crap now I am crying!

So much of my time with Brat Baby is spent fighting with her that I tend to forget those times when she was so young and innocent and full of life and love and the moment I saw her in that dress it all came crashing down on my world and I remembered it all!

She was a light in the darkness.

A shine on a silver spoon.

A drink of fresh water.

A new moon.

A shining sun.

She was my Brat Baby and she looked phenomenal!

So needless to say we walked out of the worlds biggest JC Penneys store owning that dress. some really cute shoes with it and somehow some really fly jeans ended up in our bag also!

Tomorrow I will tell you about the other letter P word.

A hint.......

You cant buy it at the Worlds Largest JC Penneys!

Happy Tuesday!

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