Friday, February 13, 2009

Never Enough!

Time that is!

There has been so many little stories that I want to share with you and yet with Azazel's birthday and Brat Baby having a birthday next week and well the holiday of sweethearts upon us, I simply can not get enough time in the day!

Ok so I am stretching it a little using Valentines day as an excuse seeing that Papa does not have a sweet loving bone in his body to think of his one and only woman for the last 21 years!

That is why I along with many other woman in this world will be out buying her own Valentine gift!

What should I buy myself this year?

So I promise to post this weekend for I am longing to write but right now I still have to finish my valentine cards to my kids in class.

Happy Friday and I hope your loved one remembers you on the big V-Day!

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