Tuesday, February 24, 2009

If I Am This Bad At Thrity Something .......

My memory is about as good as a lady living out her 99th year in a rocking chair next to her window.

Sometimes I worry about it and think "you know maybe I should see a doctor!"

Then there are other times I just think, "no Momma you just need to focus better!"

Then there are times when my family makes me feel like a complete fool "Gosh Momma you don't remember anything I tell you do you?"

Papa however uses it to his advantage and says things like "Oh don't you remember I told you that I was going to be late getting home tonight?"


I know he is full of crap.

Now here is where it comes in handy for the kids.

Momma: Not The Baby you are grounded!

Not The Baby: no comment

Next day:

Not The Baby: Hey Momma can you take me to the basketball game?

Momma: What time?

I actually get her there and drop her off and then go.......

Momma: What the crap.......she just pulled a fast one on me!

Or Papa waits until I get back and says something like

Papa: I thought she was grounded?

Momma: Don't you know I forget ........damn tell me sooner what it is I told these kids!

I would like to think that this type of behavior is normal.

That Mommas around the world are forgetting what they say or do.

I mean really it is the children's fault that I am losing my mind.

Well that and Papas.

Maybe I should try some herbal remedy.

Drugs scare me so I think that I could not bring myself to ask the doctor for help.

Plus who wants to pay the doctor to tell you there is nothing wrong with you, or better yet my luck would be:

Doctor: Oh dear honey you should have gotten to me sooner.....you head is due to explode within the next two weeks and you will be a goner.

The doctor.....that is whole other blog about that fear!!!!!!!!

I swear I am getting worse by the day.

So help me...... make me feel better about myself.......hell lie to me if you have to.

Just let me know that I am not the only fool out there that would loose her head if it was not attached.

Happy Hang On To Your Head Tuesday!

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Picture Momma said...

I feel for you! I blame it on the fact that you feel the need to wake up at 5:30 am every morning. No way someone can function like that! That and kids and Papas.

I love that you love Lightroom!